by Army Girls

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\\\\\\\\ BLOCKS RECORDING CLUB 069 ////////

5 Song EP Recorded in Toronto 2011
Produced by BEN COOK
Written by Carmen Elle and performed with Andy Smith.
Cover photo courtesy of DAVID WALDMAN



released September 13, 2011



all rights reserved


Army Girls Toronto, Ontario

Army Girls are a Toronto based two piece band. Andy Smith and Carmen Elle began collaborating in early 2010, after playing in numerous bands respectively. They wrote and recorded their debut EP Close To The Bone (Blocks Recording Club) with producer Ben Cook, of the Toronto hardcore band, Fucked Up. ... more

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Track Name: My Kin
All my kin are spinning tops –
Bearing wounds and aftershock
I don’t know what I’m doing here
All my blood came from a pool
Thick with suspect attributes
Oh, I’m not alone – though it may appear so.

Pry, search, you, bloodhounds
Writhe around in the mud
Of what we are.

From my brood I do discern
Nervous charm begetting mirth
Dancing atop a distressed façade
Look at how our roles played out
Youth usurped and still for naught
Oh I’m not alone though it may appear so.
Track Name: The Power
So you wonder how it got to this
You can’t be alone
Oh, where was your body last night?
The love of your life will leave you
Leads you out into the light
Then kills you
Hope was just a whisper that night
A soft blow not a strike
Oh I’ll be a good, good wife
And one day all this will haunt you
Till there’s nowhere left
To run to
Oh, this girl who is enamoured with
Who faught for her harder
Wavering until they both
Had gone
The loves in your life are strangers
And you’re bodies the only remainder
Your past, your lack, your cruelty
The power you’ll never have on me
Track Name: Cold & Alcohol
Wakin’ up crooked
Drag a deep breath
Tired of waitin’
Walkin’ on eggshells
Sitting on the ringside
Like a circus clown
Watchin’ the lions
Dancing on their hind legs
Oh, I can’t get out of here
Now why’s it have to be so hard
Friends say make your mind up soon
Time is runnin’ out on you
Then the cold & alcohol
Prompt my leaving post last call
Every definition reeks of over thinking
But my minds not made up yet
And I’m still waiting
I rise too quickly
Like I break into a run
From my bedside to the next morning
No, times not precious
(not as much as you)
And so I keep running
Looking for the exit
Track Name: Here It Comes
Here’s where we stay
Floating on paper
And as we lay
Prone, drifting further
Once more
Make sure your eyes are open
Cause here it comes
Why lie so still?
Are you scared to breathe?
I haven’t moved yet
And I ain’t gonna harm ya
Please lets just abscond
I lie in wait
Scared to look
Looming above
Fierce and alarming
Track Name: Always
Always, I can feel you
Getting closer
To the end
Always, I can feel you
Getting close
Always, I can feel you
And my mind goes in a circle
Always, I can feel you
And I’m mad, and I’m lookin’
Hush now, little darling
Don’t betray what
You have heard
Soon it will be morning
And you wont mind
Any words---
Cruel or formulaic
Fitting kindness
On a matchstick
Always, I can feel you
And I’m mad
And I’m looking
I cant stand the sound of
How the words fall from your lips
Harsh and always changing
With the hard crack
Of a whip
Thoughts don’t make you thoughtful
And my love won’t make your heart full
Always, I can feel you
And I’m mad
And I’m looking